CBSWS 2020

3rd Crossbording Student Workshop on Sustainability
Sustainable Agriculture — ISOBUS

26th-27th September 2020 close to Saarbrücken




– Developpment of a ISOBUS-Human-Machine interface with  ISO-Designer
– Programming of a  VT-ISOBUS-application and tests
– Programming of a TC-SectionControl Application and Tests
– Programming of a TC-Geo Application and Tests

– Exchange between Terminal and FMIS


– There will be the possibility for Field-Robotics Enthousiasts to take the first step in the area of robotics programming.


Visit of an agronomic farm

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Thank you to the following companies:
Anedo, Agrirouteur, b-plus, Claas, FBSolutions, John-Deere, Lemken, MyEasyFarm, SAT-info, Vector

Thank you to the following institutional organizations:
AStA-TU Kaiserslautern, DAAD, DLG, OFAJ/DFJW , Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

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the team of the 3rd CBSWS, September 2020