Becoming a Board Member

Become a Board member of AEGEE-KLSB!

for more information,
don´t hesitate to contact us at the following adress:

The Board of AEGEE-Kaiserslautern-Saarbrücken set the future strategy of the association.

Depending on your motivation and time, different position could be interested for you.

  • Erste.r Vorsitzende (average 3 hours work per week)
  • Zweite.r Vorsitzende (average 3 hours work per week)
  • Schatzmeister (average 1 hour work  per week)
  • Generalsekretär (average 1 hour work per week)


    3 Raisons to become member of the board:

    • to act for more cooperation in the greater region and more specially between France and Germany.
    • to get a practical experience in international cooperation and management in addition to your study
    • to get into contact with actors of the international cooperation in the Greater region and between france and Germany
    • to acquire social skills and to improve your foreign languages


    The board can be extended up to 12 members who are specialized for the accomplishment of specific tasks:

    • Sustainability
    • IT
    • Membership and memberscommunication
    • Digitalization
    • Culture and language
    • Sport and Games
    • AEGEE-Europe
    • Social Networks and Advertising
    • Fundraising and Partners