>> I want to join AEGEE-KLSB e.V! <<


5 Reasons to become a member
  1. to meet new friends and discover specialities:
    -> from the Greater-Region,
    -> from the partner-cities and from the partner-universities in France
    -> from the european AEGEE-Network
  2. to implement your ideas, experiences and skills by setting up international projects and social actions in culture, technics, science and to benefit from an international and relaxed environment. (more infos on
  3. to practice and learn a foreign language: French, German,  Luxembourgish and English amongst other languages.
  4. to get 10% Discount on Flixbus and, 15% on Eurosender  and special offers with Hostelling International.
  5. The last but not the least!
    to act with all the members and partners of AEGEE-KLSB  for a more sustainable Europe!

+ Infos: 🙂


How ?

a) Please transfer 5 € annual Membership Fee *  to our bank account:
AEGEE-KLSB e.V. | Sparkasse Kaiserslautern
IBAN: DE76 5405 0220 0000 6254 75
Verwendungszweck: “YourName/2023”

* every person subscribing for membership from October 15th 2022 is member till end 2022 and also for the whole year 2023 🙂

b) and please complete the form below