Volunteer with us

Whatever your background and your age and however you help, you’ll find that volunteering with AEGEE-Kaiserslautern-Saarbrücken e.V. is rewarding and fun.

Whether cultural or linguistic exchanges, sustainability, robotics or IT projects, you will always find something suitable for you, as your schedule allows!

-> below some examples of tasks:

  • translation tasks on  our website (mostly french<->german and/or german<->english)
  • interpretation tasks during events (mostly french<->german and/or german<->english)
  • driving tasks mostly between Saarbrücken and Metz
  • assistance in the organisation of special events
  • event moderation tasks
  • Lecturer during our Talks
  • and many others

-> If you want to volunteer with us, please fill the following form or write us an email at volunteer@aegee-KLSB.eu

-> If you are interested in a specific domain, don´t hesitate to contact our  dedicated Working Groups: Culture-Sport, AEGEE-Europe, Grossregion-France, Sustainability, Finances, IT-UX

Thanks in advance for your help!